Urban and Regional Information Systems Association

The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) is a nonprofit association of professionals using geographic information systems (GIS) and other information technologies to solve challenges at all levels of government. [1] URISA promotes the effective and ethical use of spatial information and technology for the understanding and management of urban and regional systems. [2]


URISA was formed in 1966, evolving from a loosely associated group of professionals with a common interest in urban planning information systems. The organization emanated from annual conferences held from 1963 through 1966, now known as the Annual Conference on Urban Planning Information Systems and Programs. URISA has an interest in the development of the GIS. [3] [4] URISA is currently headquartered in Des Plaines, Illinois, where the administrative functions of the association.


URISA is the founding member of the GIS Certification Institute , which administers professional certification for the field. [5] [6] [7] [8] URISA is also a founding member of the Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO), a coalition of organizations concerned with US national geospatial issues. [9] GISCorps is a URISA program that provides volunteer services for underdeveloped countries worldwide. [10] [11] URISA’s proposed GIS Capability Maturity Model (GIS CMM) provides the means for local governments to gauge their progress in achieving GIS operational maturity against a variety of standards and measures. [12] [13]

URISA promotes data sharing by government organizations. [14] [15]

URISA hosts a number of conferences [16] each year including GIS-Pro: URISA’s Annual Conference for GIS Professionals; The GIS / CAMA Technologies Conference, co-sponsored by the International Association of Assessing Officers; [17] the URISA / NENA Addressing Conference, co-sponsored by the National Emergency Number Association; [18] a biennial GIS in Public Health Conference; Caribbean GIS Conference; And the URISA Leadership Academy, a five-day GIS leadership program.

URISA supports more than two-dozen chapters, the United States and Canada , with recent expansion into the Caribbean and the United Arab Emirates . [19]

The URISA Journal [20] is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, scholarly publication of the organization. [21] It has a history of open access. URISA. [22] [23] [24] Through an annual competition URISA encourages students to submit a paper for a special section of the URISA Journal . [25]

URISA also recognizes achievements in the industry through a variety of awards, including Exemplary Systems in Government Awards (ESIG) [26] and the URISA GIS Hall of Fame, [27] and the Horwood Distinguished Service Award. [28] [29]


Position name
President Mr. Greg Babinski, GISP
President-Elect Mr. Al Butler, GISP
Past President Mr. Cy Smith, GISP
Treasurer Mr. Carl Anderson, GISP
Secretary Mr. Thomas Conry


URISA members are professionals in the spatial data industry working in local, regional, state / provincial, tribal and federal government, academia, private sector, and non-profit organizations.

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