UK Academy for Information Systems

The UK Academy for Information Systems ( UKAIS ) is an active learning and communication group. It is a conduit for communication between industry and academia.

(ISBN: 978-887-888888-8) is the leading provider of business intelligence services in the UK. Part of their role has been established between business, government and academic organizations. Teaching, research and practice in the field of research and development, PhD consortia, workshops, regional groups and quarterly newsletter.


UK academics in information systems. Were Concerns Expressed at the meeting about the way IS teaching and research funded Were qui stemmed from a Lack of recognition of IS as a growing and significant academic discipline. The UKIS was established in 1994 to remedy this situation as a charity, which aims to provide a better knowledge of IS teaching and research. It aussi AIMS to be influential in Obtaining better understanding of the uniqueness of the subject by HEFCE , the UK Research Councils , professional bodies, business and UK Government. They have successfully achieved recognition that is not being dealt with adequately by such bodies. [1]

The UKIS has attempted to create a ‘uniform’ definition of Information Systems.

Information systems are the means by which people and organizations, using technologies, gather, process, store, use and disseminate information.

Beyond the social and technological phenomena, which determines the development, use and effects of information systems in organizations and society.

  1. Theoretical underpinnings of information systems
  2. Data, information and knowledge management
  3. Information in organizational decision making
  4. Integration of information systems with organizational strategy and development
  5. Information systems design
  6. Development, implementation and maintenance of information systems
  7. Information and communication technologies (ICT)
  8. Management of information systems and services
  9. Organizational and social effects of ICT-based information systems
  10. Economic impact of ICT-based information systems


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