Traffic information service – broadcast

Traffic Information Service – Broadcast ( TIS-B ) is an aviation information service That Allows pilots to see near real time position and ground track in 45 degree increments of other nearby aircraft have Either a “traffic advisory” or “proximate” intruder, for the Purposes of collision avoidance. It presents to the pilot’s combined representation of aircraft positions derived from GPS satellite and ground-based radar data sources similar to what an air traffic controller Sees on the ground.

TIS-B is broadcast to aircraft using both the 1090 MHz extended squitter (1090 ES) and the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) band of automatic surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B). [1] Currently the department benefits Mainly general aviation (GA) aircraft equipped with ADS-B “in” hardware by providing good information to relay traffic to a screen in the cockpit . TIS, the client and any intruder aircraft must be equipped with the appropriate cockpit. Typically, this will be within 55 NM of these sites

At this time TIS-B is Meant to Be only a supplement to visual separation from other aircraft When operating in visual meteorological Conditions (VMC) and as a backup to radar When operating under instrument flight rules (IFR). Citation needed ]


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