Self-service software

Self-service software is a subset within the knowledge management software. Self-service software allows people to secure answers to their inquiries and / or needs through an automated interview.

Self-service software functionality

Self-service software allows authors to readily automate the deployment of, the timeliness of, and compliance with a variety of processes with which they are involved in communicating the issues, needs, and solicitations Of end-users who are inquiring about the particular process being automated.

Self-service software, which is a closed-loop solution, is an integral part of the system. Often the authors use these software codifies, and then encompass a variety of code bases and platforms.

Self-service software. It is typically categorized as a subtopic within the knowledge management software category. Self-service software with the ability to communicate with a computer via a computer, A handheld device, a kiosk, register, or other machine type to secure their answers as if they were directly interacting (talking to) the author.

Some self-service software is able to handle automatic execution of processes. An approval process can also be added to the workflow. For instance, to give managers the possibility to keep track of the cost related to the ordered services by employees.


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