SAP Information Interchange OnDemand

SAP Information Interchange OnDemand (FKA. SAP Information Interchange by Crossgate) is a B2B / EDI solution powered by the SAP AG That Allows companies to exchange electronic documents (like purchase orders, forecasts, invoices, delivery note and many more) via Their SAP applications .


Electronic documents are delivered through a centralized canonical B2B repository. Integration with SAP applications is available through direct Intermediate Document IDoc / Remote Function Call ( RFC ) application interfaces, in combination with SAP Process Integration as a middleware layer, and via direct consumption of Enterprise Services. [1]


The German company Crossgate AG launched their so-called “Business Ready Network” which supports standard-based, custom EDI and B2B integration of business partners, customers and suppliers. In order to simplify business network enablement, Crossgate had created pre-packaged services for specific business processes, industries and SAP applications. In 2008 SAP became a shareholder in Crossgate. Later the two companies furthered their partnership by entering into a global reseller agreement that allowed SAP to offer their customers Crossgate’s B2B Content Engine as an SAP Solution Extension. [2]

In 2011 SAP acquired Crossgate with the goal to “instantly Connect SAP Customers and Their Business Partners for Networking at Enterprise Level”. [3] The Solution was renamed from “SAP Information Interchange by Crossgate” to SAP Information Interchange OnDemand.


SAP Information Interchange OnDemand is a document exchange service that is operated in a cloud computing environment. It uses the EDI / B2B Transaction Server SAP II that has been developed by Crossgate AG as foundation. On NetWeaver, it is very easy to use NetWeaver. Companies without SAP NetWeaver can activate the service using IDocs or RFC. The service is free of charge and fixed costs. [4]

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