RW3 Technologies

RW3 Technologies is a software company that provides SaaS field sales, survey, and reporting applications for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. It is headquartered in the Bay Area of ​​California.


RW3 Technologies was founded in the Bay Area by Bruce Nagle in 1992. [1] The company’s primary focus was to streamline daily data entry processes for the sales industry.

In 1992, RW3 introduced one of the first Land-Line CPG broker sales systems that allowed for mobile data entry. [2] It was initially used in food brokerage, though eventually expanded to include functionality for the consumer packaged goods industry. [3]

In 2000, the company expanded its business model to include business-to-business account management. [4]

In 2010, the company began developing their first general SaaS product application since the late 1990s; The SaaS application called InStore Mobile (now MarketCheck) was released in 2011. The in-store survey application allows for two-way communication between the account rep and broker, allowing organizations to improve and track retail conditions. [5]

In 2013, RW3 released the BI Suite, a business intelligence environment that allows rganizations to create views across departments and utilize multiple sources to align sales strategies. [6]

In 2014 Smartcall was launched and marketed to the CPG industry. The application allows field sales. It is packaged with MarketCheck into their InStore Execution Suite, providing retail execution and monitoring applications for the consumer goods industry. [7]


RW3 offers four SaaS products for the retail, wholesale, and B2B industries:

  • Marketplace – An application designed around the workflow of a field manager; To help manage their brokers.
  • SmartCall – An application designed around the workflow of a direct rep; And their activities.
  • The BI Suite – A business intelligence environment that provides teams with device-agnostic reports and custom dashboards.
  • PriceCheck – A mobile data collection application that allows users to collect data in a store and validate it with a two-stage data validation process.


RW3 serves three primary markets:

  • Small to Blue Chip CPG Manufactures
  • CPG Marketing Merchandisers and Brokers
  • Small to Blue Chip Retailers


  • In 2015, RW3 was recognized by readers of Consumer Goods Technology magazine as a Best-In-Class Service Provider of Retail Execution . [8]
  • In 2012, RW3 Technologies was named the Consumer Goods Technology Readers’ Choice Award winner for # 1 CRM Customer Experience . [9]
  • In 2009, RW3 Technologies was ranked by Consumer Goods Technology as One of the Top 27 Companies to Consider . [10]
  • In 2007, RW3 Technologies was awarded by Consumer Goods Technology’s Outside The Box Industry Award . [11]
  • In 2004, RW3 Technologies was ranked in the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies , by the East Bay Business Times. [12]


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