Public Transport Information and Priority System

The Public Transport Information and Priority System , abbreviated PTIPS , is a computer-based system that brings together information about public transport entities, such as buses. Where applicable, PTIPS may also provide.

PTIPS consists of a number of hardware and software components installed on-board. PTIPS also relies on an interface with Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System ( SCATS – to provide the priority feature) and bus / route / timetable data provided by bus organizations and government authorities.

PTIPS provides:

  • Real-time tracking of bus rental and status
  • Traffic light priority for late running nozzles
  • Bus / Timetable performance and reliability reports
  • Real-time

How PTIPS Works

PTIPS works by combining, on the one hand, schedule and route information for buses performing timetabled services (as opposed to, say, charter trips), and on the other hand.

(For example, route paths, trips & schedules, bus stops, etc.) PTIPS receives XML data files from the public and private bus operators,

Each bus That PTIPS tracks is equipped with a hardware device That icts records rent via GPS , and Transmits it to the central PTIPS servers via the 3G radio communications network. Buses transmit these messages at certain intervals, which are also configurable, and which vary according to the bus is doing. Apart from GPS location, the transmitted messages also include information about the vehicle and which trip it is doing.

With the above information, PTIPS can compare the location of a bus performing a certain trip, at a certain point in time, with which it should be, based on the planned route and timetable data.

Real time apps

Transport for New South Wales is a new and exciting addition to PTIPS. Currently, only State Transit bus operating in Inner Sydney including South Harbor, Inner North, and Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs (Bus regions 6 – 9) have data available.

Released in December 2012, several iOS and Android apps went live on their respective App Stores, allowing customers to open the apps, and track where their buses were in realtime, as well as any delays or timetable changes as they occur. In 2013, this realtime data was further expanded to provide live train information from Sydney Trains , Hillsbus and Busways Blacktown as well.


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