Plant Information Management System

Plant Information Management System (PIMS). [1]



Important tasks of a PIMS are:

  • Company-wide gather, consolidate and process data
  • Analysis of production performance, product quality, process capacity and control compliance.
  • Provide Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to improve decision-making processes
  • Reporting for decision support and documentation
  • Consolidation of data from different sources ( Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Laboratory, Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Integration of off-line data (laboratory, calculations, future load profiles)
  • Access via the company-wide intranet also from offices. Via Web (Thin client) or Tcp / Ip (Thick client)
  • Enriching / refining raw data
  • Event-driven calculations
  • Long-term archiving of data and reports (over many years)


Manufacturers are:

  • Aspen Tech InfoPlus.21 (IP.21)
  • Osisoft PI
  • Honeywell PHD
  • Wonderware Historian
  • GeFanuc iHistorian
  • Yokogawa Exaquantum


There are the following subdivisions:

  • SQL / desktop systems
  • SCADA Historian
  • Enterprise Historian

See also

  • Data acquisition
  • Data collection system
  • Totally integrated automation


  1. Jump up^ Kraft, Theresa (2008). Systematic and holistic IT Project managementInformation Systems Education Journal6 (63)

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