Organizing vision

The Organizing Vision (OV) is a term developed by E. Swanson Burton and Neil Ramiller That olefins how a vision is FORMED, a vision of how to organizes structures and processes in regards to an information systemsinnovation. Images and ideas about an innovation from a wider community are brought together. The vision can often be characterized by buzzwords . While they are often used as a guide for organizing vision,

The vision serves three key functions:

  1. Interpretation : explaining why the innovation exists and is
  2. Legitimization : why and why?
  3. Mobilization : mobilizing the community and the information systems world to get involved – not just organizations, but journals, vendors, consultants, etc.

Features of The Organizing Vision

  • Emerges from discourse . This often starts off quietly, but becomes louder and richer as actors become involved in the community.
  • Is constructed by a heterogeneous social community who are united by the innovation but have different roles and interests. The ideas of structuration can be seen here in that while the organizing vision is shaped by the community, it also shapes the community. For example, organizations may have been part of the community.
  • OV: has a Relatively cohesive discourse Because people dans le information systems community share similar linguistic and Ideological backgrounds.
  • It has to relate to the real economic world for it to be of any relevance. The problem of dealing with this world is called the business problematic .
  • Is both constrained and enabled by technology.
  • OV helps shape adoption and diffusion , and is in turn shaped as the innovation is adopted and diffused.
  • It changes over time. It can lose or gain focus or overlap with other OVs. For an OV to attract interest, it must be distinctive, intelligible, informative, plausible and have some perceived practical value. Ultimately, it is forgotten as the innovation either fails or become unremarkable.


  • Swanson and Ramiller (1997), The Organizing Vision in Information Systems Innovation , Organization Science, Vol 8 No 5

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