Next Generation Data Communications

Next Generation (NextGen) Data Communications (DataComm Nexcom gold), an element of the Next Generation Air Transportation System , will Significantly Reduce controller -to- pilot communications and controller workload, whilst Improving safety. [1]


In the current United States National Airspace System , all communications with airborne aircraft are by voice communications . Aircraft route of flight revisions must be communicated through multiple change-of-course instructions or lengthy verbal reroute instructions, which must be repeated; Are prone to verbal communications errors; And entry errors into an aircraft’s flight management system . The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will be responsible for the implementation of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Adding air-to-ground and ground-to-ground data communications will reduce access-to-control communications and controller workload. The data communications will enable ground automated message generation and receipt, message routing and transmission , and direct communications with aircraft avionics .

Initially, data communications will be an additional means for two-way exchange between controllers and flight crews for air traffic control clearances , instructions, advisories, flight crew requests and reports. Eventually, the majority of communications will be handled by data communications for appropriately equipped ground and airborne stations. Data communications will enable the air traffic control to issue a flight plan.

NexCom will be an eventual replacement for the existing Future Air Navigation System which is currently used by transoceanic commercial airliners. [2]


Voice communications contribuer to operational errors due to miscommunication, stolen clearances (an air traffic control clearance for one aircraft is Heard and erroneously accepted by Reviews another aircraft) and delayed transfers messages due to radio frequency congestion. [3] Data communications will enable air traffic controllers to increase productivity and improve the quality of the infrastructure. As a result, the resources required to provide air traffic management service per aircraft operation will decrease. The use of real-time aircraft data by ground systems to plot 4-dimensional trajectories ( lateral and vertical navigation ,

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Cet article Incorporates public domain material from websites or documentation of the Federal Aviation Administration .

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