Netex (Formally Network Exchange CEN / TS 16614-1: 2014 ‘, PD CEN / TS 16614-2: 2014 and PD CEN / TS 16614-3: 2014 ) is the CEN Technical Standard for Public Transport Information as XML documents. It provides a W3C XML scheme based on the Transmodel abstract model of common public transportation concepts and data structures and can be used to exchange data Many different kinds of entre passenger information systems , Including for stops, facilities, timetabling, fares. Such data can be used by both operational management systems and customer facing systems for day planning and so on.


NETEX Provides a modular XML scheme for public transport information data Including passenger information systems , with coverage of a number of different subdomains of PT Information, Including transportation infrastructure and network topology , public transport schedules, journey schedules , fares, fare validation. It includes uniform mechanisms for versioning and identifying entity instances within a global context. It provides protocols for exchanging XML documents using NETEX Either asynchrous bulk ordynamic exchange messages using http and Service Interface for Real Time Information . NeTEx provides reusable abstractions to represent data elemenst of public transport.

  • Part 1 ( CEN / TS 16614-1: 2014 ) describes the Public Transport Network topology and timing concepts; And includes common framework concepts used by all parts.
  • Part 2 ( CEN / TS 16614-2: 2014 ) describes Scheduled Timetables, including complex rail and non-rail modes;
  • Part 3 ( CEN / TS 16614-3: 2014 ) covers Fare information, including complex fare models


Netex is an evolution of the Transmodel project, which has a conceptual model to harmonize and systemise the data formats of a number of European countries. It Represents a harmonization of a number of different European standards Such As Bison, Trident (FRAnce) TransXChange (UK), VDV 452 (Germany) TAP TSI, for all of qui is to NETEX mapping exists. There is also a mapping to Google’s GTFS .

See also

  • TransXChange
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  • Transport standard organizations
  • Identification of Fixed Objects In Public Transport (IFOPT)
  • Service Interface for Real Time Information (SIRI)


  • European Committee for Standardization (CEN), Reference Data Model for Public Transport, EN12896

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