National Roads Telecommunications Services

The National Roads Telecommunications Services is the fiber-optic network of communication and control that highways England uses to monitor England’s roads. Its highly complex design has an active traffic management , which has led to managed motorways .


Previous to 2005, the motorway network was controlled by the National Motorway Communication System (NMCS). This was not inherently fiber-optic or digitally controlled.

The £ 490 million contract for the NRTS was awarded to the GeneSYS Consortium on 19 September 2005. This was led by Fluor ( Fluor Corporation ) and is a public-private partnership .

The system is sufficient to allow a national scheme of road pricing , possibly using radio-frequency identification tags. The cost of the project Was Described by the Association of British Drivers as being white an awful lot just for signs notary C. Saying That motorways are closed and That You shoulds not drink and drive citation needed ] .


The NRTS is an intelligent transportation system based at the Quinton Business Park at Quinton, Birmingham . Video images are sent over fiber-optic cables to form a switched video network. The fiber optic system was deployed with Guardian-Lite 3700 [1] controllers, which allow IP Ethernet and (full bandwidth) uncompressed video signals to be sent at the same time, made and invented by AMG Systems of Biggleswade . The system uses a dual fiber cable. The system is resilient because, using the IP protocol, it can re-route signals if cables are damaged.


  • Fluorine
  • Peek Traffic
  • Mott MacDonald
  • Alcatel-Lucent – based the system on ict 1692 Metrospan Edge CWDM (coarse wavelength-division multiplexing ) platform, [2] with the 7750 Service Router, [3] and OmniPCX enterprise [4] voice-over-IP switch (made by the CSBU subsidiary). Alcatel-Lucent own Genesys Conferencing .


It controls traffic on England’s motorways and major roads .

Customers of the NRTS

  • Traffic police ( Road Policing Units ) and their Police Control Offices
  • Traffic England – real-time website
  • Traffic Radio
  • TrafficMaster

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