Mi-Case is a suite of web-based CAS management and operations management software provided by CASMACO Ltd. (Trading as Mi-Case). A multi-agency approach to the offender management and correctional services, the use of alcohol and drug abuse, policing, probation, healthcare and the court system. The Mi-Case Upstream is used by the upstream oil and gas industry to support incident management as well as root cause analysis in production.

Mi-Case is used by 30 customers in the UK, most of which are directly related to the UK Home Office Directives and UK National Health Service (NHS) initiatives.


Mi-Case was launched in early 2006 by an international consulting and firm firm, Mi-Services, headquartered in UK and US. Mi-Case Was Born out of the work done with UK Drug Intervention Programs (DIPs), Drug Action Teams [1] and treatment providers to assist em and other kinds of agencies and initiatives In Their operations: pour augmenter case management , Demonstrate Performance and Enable best practice when sharing (offender / patient) data. The company was acquired in the same year by a global consulting and systems integration company, Business & Decision . Since March 2012 it has operated as Casmaco Ltd., which is a majority owned subsidiary of Business & Decision Group, serving the USA, UK and continental European markets.

Mi-Case Software

Mi-Case is a suite of web-based case management and operations management Including: Medium Case Criminal Justice , Mi-Case Behavioral Healthcare and Mi-Case Oil and Gas Range of solutions. The Mi-Case Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health have been designed to enable clients (offenders / patients) to be tracked through their cycle of interventions and maintain a continuity of treatment and / or attention. Citation needed ]

Mi-Case is developed for:

• Groups of organizations sharing information on a common client initiative

• Single Organizations: a process

Mi-Case can track and record key information in relation to:

• Objectives, actions and outcomes of client meetings

• Treatment modalities

• Court appearances

• Arrests and prison sentences

• Identification of risks and issues

• Drug use, prescriptions

• Other social care interventions

Other applications of Mi-Case (Oil & Gas)

The Mi-Case approach to web based data sharing aussi HAS-been applied to the business sector and is used by upstream oil and gas organizations to manage offshore / onshore data sharing is producing equipment and shift management. Citation needed ]


Mi-Case was originally developed using Active Server Pages but was later upgraded to Microsoft .NET . It sits on an Oracle database and has been upgraded to later versions of the database broadly as they have become available or widely used. Mi-Case uses 128 bit encryption of data being transmitted through the internet as part of its data security approach.

Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services

In February 2009 Business & Decision was awarded a $ 12.5m contract by the Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services (DPSCS) to implement. The first three phases of this project will be live in 2011. By fall 2012 Mi-Case is scheduled to provide all DPSCS agencies with accurate and timely access to integrated data captured throughout the arrest, booking, pre-trial, incarceration , And through supervision in the community. The solution also allows for the sharing of information with local law enforcement and other criminal justice partners.


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