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Methodology to evaluate-complexity and cost of Developing and Maintaining Application Software for Creating Information Systems (Method CETIN) – this is an algorithmic model assessment value software, developed by a consortium of Kazakh IT companies: Kazakhstan Association of IT-companies Company System Studies “Factor ” And JSC” National Information Technologies . Methods of assessment of complexity and cost of development of [software] in the early stages and is based on an assessment of the functional size of software.


The first edition of the Kazakh techniques appeared in 1994 as “Methods of assessing complexity of information systems of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. The main method was based on the standardization work on a project (the creation of the queue system, the development and implementation of the complex functional tasks, linking projects, project monitoring, the use of a PC for debugging and commissioning). The disadvantages were the method of a cascade model of the software lifecycle and experience of a single developer.

In 2005 in NIT with Research Institute of Economy and Informatization of Transport, telecommunications have developed a methodology to assess the complexity and cost of developing and maintaining information systems. COCOMO . The method was based on the modeling of the modeling of the model . The main drawback of techniques, from which she has not received Shirokova distribution is that it was not adopted as a single regulatory document for the public IP razrabokti organmov.

In early 2010 and were re-work continued to refine techniques. Then the second congress of IT-companies of Kazakhstan in the report Gabbasov M Pustovoitenko V have been identified requirements for the new version of the Methodology.

Work continued on methods companies JSC “National Information Technologies , Kazakhstan Association of IT-companies and Company System Studies” Factor ” . Reworked Version Technical presented in August 2011 as well.

Order assessing complexity of software development

Procedure for evaluating the development of middleware complexity represented by the following steps: 1. Evaluation of the functional size of the IP; 2. Assessment of the basic design complexity of the PES; 3. Determining the values ​​of correction factors; 4. Calculation of complexity, taking into account the development of the PES adjustment factors; 5. Estimation of the development of middleware; 6. Adjustment of labor in developing middleware reduction of development; 7. Assessment of the cost of developing the middleware.

Evaluation of the functional size of the IP

Evaluation of the functional size of the IP is based on a model of information system and functional requirements of users. Functional size of IP given by a set of five elements, each element of which is the appropriate functional unit. Functional units:

  • The number of use cases – C
  • Number of object types – E
  • The number of properties of object types
  • The number of interactions between types of objects
  • The number of node types – N

Functional size is designated – SIZE = {C, E, T, I, N}

Assessment basic labor

Basic complexity of software development is based on the evaluation of the complexity of each software development process. The Rational Unified Process . Sj (I) + N * Sj (T) + I * Sj (I) + N * Sj (N) Calculation made on the basis of the regulatory complexity of factors.

Definition of values ​​of correction factors

Determining the value of the correction factors for each development process. Application of correction factors can improve the quality of the data.

The computation complexity, taking into account the development of the PES adjustment factors

On the basis of the correction factors to the complexity of developing middleware complexity calculation is taken into account the development of the PES adjustment factors.

Assessment term software development

Estimation of the development of an information system on the basis of the values ​​that are defined on the basis of a mathematical model based on development time with teamwork.

Updating the development of middleware complexity by reducing the period of development

In this paper, we present the results of the study of the elasticity of difficulty.

Valuation Software Development

The cost of software development is calculated as the cost of the software development.

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