Integrated Operations in the High North

Integrated Operations in the High North ( Iohn , IO High North gold IO in the High North ) is a unique collaboration project That During a four-year period starting May 2008 is working is designing, Implementing and testing a Digital Platform for what in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry is called the next or second generation of Integrated Operations . [1] The work on the digital platform is focussed on capturing, transferring and integrating real-time data from the remote production facilities to the decision makers. A risk assessment across the entire chain is also included. The platform is based are open standards and has Enables Higher degree of interoperability . Requirements for the digital platform come from use cases defined dans le Drilling and Completion , Reservoir and Production and Operations and Maintenance domains. The platform will be demonstrated through pilots within these three domains. [2]

This new platform is regarded significant year enabler for safe and sustainable operations in remote, vulnerable and hazardous areas Such As the High North , [3] [4] [5] [6] purpose the technology is Clearly aussi applicable in more general applications.

The IOHN project consortium consists of 23 participants, [7] including operators, service providers, software vendors, technology providers, research institutions and universities. In addition, the Norwegian Defense Force is working with the project to resolve common infrastructure and interoperability challenges. [2]

The project is managed by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) . [8] Nils Sandsmark was the project manager during the initiation and start-up phase. Frédéric Verhelst took over as project manager from the beginning of 2009. [9]

Financing comes from the participants and the Research Council of Norway (RCN) for parts of the project (GOICT [10] and AutoConRig [11] [12] ).


The consortium consists of the following 22 participants [7] (in alphabetical order):

ABB Abelia Baker Hughes whitefish Computas
Det Norske Veritas ENI Epsis FMC Technologies FSI
IO Center IRIS National Oilwell Varco NTNU OLF
POSC Caesar Association Petroleum Safety Authority Norway Siemens Statoil Norwegian Defense
University of Oslo University of Stavanger

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