Information Technology Institute

The Information Technology Institute ( ITI ) is a national institute established in 1993 in Egypt specializing in IT .

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) is a national institute established in 1993 by the Egyptian Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC). It provides specialized programs for graduate and postgraduate programs, and courses for the Egyptian Government, ministries, and local decision support centers. With the government’s objective of providing access and opportunity for all. ITI is the second branch in Alexandria in 1996 to create more coverage of its services, and recently in September 2007, ITI opened two other branches in Assiut and Mansoura to maintain and assist in the spreading of its training services.

ITI Management

The Board of Trustees of ITI is headed by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology. The board members include experts from the MCIT , academia, and information and telecommunication companies.

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