Gurtam ( belarusian ” гуртам ” – together) is a Belarusian software development company and a service provider in real time GPS monitoring , vehicle telematics and fleet management solutions. Company’s main products are:

  • Wialon – a multifunctional system developed to monitor stationary and mobile objects. The platform is based on GLONASS / GPS satellite navigation systems, GSM cellular communications ( GPRS / SMS ), Inmarsat , Iridium , Thuraya and Globalstar satellite communications.
  • Flespi – a back-end platform for unified interactions between telematics devices and business applications via REST API.

By July 2017 more than 1 200 000 objects [1] worldwide were monitored by Wialon. The business network of the company involves over 950 fleet tracking service providers in more than 130 countries [1] . According to the annual telematics market research by Omnicomm, Gurtam’s market share in satellite monitoring solutions for CIS countries is 36%.


The company develops several directions:

  • Software for GPS / GLONASS tracking and fleet management
  • Gurtam Maps geographic information system
  • GPS / GLONASS hardware integration with Wialon system (currently 1200+ types of equipment)
  • Providing SaaS and server-based versions of satellite tracking software for
  • Back end flespi for the integration of telematics data into business apps
  • Task-specific solutions for company’s clients
  • Customized Wialon-based apps

The most popular Gurtam services are Wialon Hosting (SaaS) and Wialon Local (server-based solution). The company has also developed GPS-Trace – a free service for personal tracking. It is particularly used to monitor the location of employees, relative and domestic animals.

Constantly Gurtam Participates in industrial exhibitions and events worldwide Including CeBIT , GSMA Mobile World Congress , Securex South Africa [2] , Expo Seguridad Mexico [3] , CTIA , GITEX , Telematics Conference SE Europe [4] etc.

Since 2017 Gurtam is focused on the active development and the implementation of the back-end product flespi – PaaS solution offered for managing telematics data. By the time flespi was released no other counterparts existed.


Dated Event
2002-2004 First steps in the development of software for satellite monitoring vehicle systems in cooperation with AtlantMotors Volkswagen dealer in Minsk and BelRadioPaige paging company.
2004-2006 The development and sales of GPSDisp Windows-based software for satellite monitoring dispatchers.
September 2006 Gurtam company enters market with Wialon system, coming up with basic satellite monitoring functions.
September 2007 GPS-Trace Orange release – a service for non-commercial application providing the opportunity to connect 5 units, including one vehicle. By July 2017 GPS-Trace Orange is already being used in 159 countries.
June 2009 For the first time Gurtam products were exhibited in the international Navitech-Expo exhibition in Moscow. Since 2009 Gurtam participates in the event annually.
October 2009 Gurtam office in Moscow was founded to interact with Russian business community and legislative bodies.
April 2010 Gurtam software is presented in Hannover, Germany. The company enters international market through participation.
November 2010 The first Gurtam partner conference is held in Minsk. Since 2010 the event has been held annually.
August 2011 Company partner network expanded to 50 countries with Georgia joining Wialon community.
January 2012 GPS-Tag application release. The device is designed to be a fully mobile-fledged GPS-tracker.
July 2012 The company reached the milestone of 100,000 units monitored in Wialon Data Center.
July 2013 New Gurtam Hotel in Boston, MA.
October 2013 Gurtam team heads for Dubai to participate in GITEX international exhibition in the area of ​​information and telecommunication technologies. Since then the company became a permanent participant of the event.
February 2015 400,000 units worldwide are registered in Wialon Data Center. [5]
July 2015 Gurtam solutions in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina , being the 100th country of Gurtam presence.
February 2016 Gurtam launches an office in Dubai to expand the presence in the Middle East .
February 2016 The WiaTag was released for personal tracking and mobile workforce management.
November 2016 The number of units in Wialon system reached 1,000,000 worldwide. [6]
December 2016 A new office is launched in Buenos Aires. [7]
March 2017 Gurtam released a PaaS back-end platform flespi. [8]

Interesting facts

In 2009 the company provided Wialon software for vehicle tracking at the international automobile race “A National Sport – Bridge of Friendship”. [10] Trophy Russia [9] open-road ATV-series, “Ukraine Trophy 2012” [10] trophy -raid.

In 2009 Gurtam released a cloud version of the Wialon Hosting satellite monitoring system.

Since August 2009 Gurtam has become a member of the Oracle company partner network.

In 2010 Gurtam started cooperation with MTS Belarus in the area of ​​data communication via GPRS, SMS, MMS and CSD. Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon Division. Soon after that Gurtam has been one of the core goals of the international community.

Minsk, Belarus to gather major telematics community integrators and GPS / GLONASS hardware manufacturers.

In 2011 more than 50 Gurtam dealers addressed to the governments of the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine , Kazakhstan and Russia claim recognition of June 2 as the professional holiday for satellite monitoring and navigation. The day has been celebrated by the professionals in the area of ​​GPS and GLONASS technologies since 2012.

Wialon Local was released in 2014 being a server-based version with characteristics conforming to those of the cloud software version.

In 2014 Gurtam arranged Kilimanjaro expedition to test hardware and proprietary tracking system in extreme conditions. [11]

According to Berg Insight market research agency, Wialon was recognized a leading satellite monitoring system in the CIS and the Russian Federation in 2014 [12] and 2015. [13]

In 2015 Gurtam released a video [14] in support of the Belarusian language. 32 partnerships were involved worldwide.

As reported by Capterra, in 2016 Wialon was ranked among the most popular fleet monitoring systems.

In 2017 Gurtam adds a new module to Wialon designed for passenger transportation. Originally created for school buses monitoring, the module is being used in other related fields.


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