G-Book is a telematics service service provided by Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan [1] [2] [3] [4] for its Toyota and Lexus -branded vehicles. G-Book Allows users to link with cellphones (Such As the Toshiba T003 cellphone). [5] Personal digital assistants ( PDA ) ‘s, personal computers (PC) and G-Book equipped cars across Japan. [6] It is based on the GAZOO infrastructure (renamed Toyota Media Service Corporation) of Toyota’s membership-based information service and membership system, And it provides interactive information services via a mobile phone. It also incorporates information from Toyota Mapmaster Inc. which updates digital mapping information and is used by various international companies.

The subscription service is the only one of its kind in the world. The maps are sent by internet connections through the cellphone with a data download plan associated with the cellphone.

A G-Book application can be installed on select mobile devices, providing the technology without having to purchase a vehicle installed with the technology. [7]

A proprietary department with additional functions for the Lexus division, G-Link , debuted on Japan-market Lexus models starting in model year 2006. [8] Toyota made available G-Book devices as optional equipment in all Japanese domestic market Toyota, Daihatsu and Lexus vehicles starting with model year 2007. An article posted by “Response.jp” stated in an article on July 15, 2009 that Toyota was introducing G-Book in a specially identified Toyota Camry to be sold in Beijing, China. [9] As of November 2009 the G-Book-equipped Camry is available in Shanghai as well. G-Book was also introduced on Lexus models in China in 2009. [10]

In Japan ( T-Connect Japan ), and recently in Middle East countries (Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar and UAE) T-Connect is being white offert as a download from Apple’s AppStore and Google Play as a subscription telematics services , Which uses the G-Book architecture.


There are three versions of G-Book being offered; G-Book MX (and G-Book mX Pro), G-Book Alpha and G-Book.

Some of the services G-Book offers a Safety and Security service, which aids in requesting a to-truck and vehicle rental service, market information, Communication Service That offers the Ability to send and receive web-based e-mail , and post and read on message boards, e-commerce Service That Allows merchandise to be purchased this from the GAZOO Shopping Mall, and a live operator is available Through OSS (Operator Support Service) for various issues.

Toyota Crown Athlete with G-Book touchscreen capability

One of the features offered exclusively on G-Book is Probe Communication Traffic Information. According to the press release from Toyota dated April 10, 2007, “This unique Toyota traffic information service gathers driving data – such as speed and position – from vehicles equipped with G-Book mx to provide drivers with alternate routes for avoiding traffic congestion. The G-Book is a computer-aided communication system that enables users to communicate with each other on a regular basis. Center.

The wireless communications for Japan-market cars are handled by the DCM and Transmits and Receives information on the wireless network owned by Japanese telecommunicationsprovider KDDI Corporation headquartered in Okinawa . The CDMA2000 1x (CDMA 1X) method is available to receive up to 144kbit / s data. The same DCM is used for China-market models, thus the network provider for China-market G-Book services is China Telecom . Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. China is the largest city in the world.

G-Book Alpha Pro, mX Pro DCM-only, and CDMA2000 1xEV-DO (CDMA 1X WIN) can send up to 2.4Mbit / s of data, and the DCM supports hands-free calls. The DCM model is also equipped with its own GPS receiver and features, to track a stolen vehicle, and it also has an emergency notification ability to transmit the airbag deployment.

Secure Digital (SD) card-compatible terminal

According to a press release from Toyota dated August 28, 2002, “E-TOWER”, “The E-TOWER” Other products that may be of interest to you may also be referred to as digital cameras or PDAs. Possible to share content such as music files, pictures and games. ” E-Tower holiday rentals, including Circle K of Japan. [4]


Japanese-market Lexus GS 450h with G-Link equipped touchscreen system.

Offered at Lexus’ Japanese domestic market launch in 2005, G-Link is the proprietary Lexus telematics system for the Japanese market. G-Link has a different software configuration versus G-Book, especially in its link to the 24-hour Lexus Owner’s Desk hotline, and is offered standard for the first three years of ownership. [8] Other features of the system at its 2005 launch were based on G-Book Alpha capabilities. [8] The G-Link software runs off of the vehicle’s hard disc drive navigation system and song library, and includes traffic updates, HelpNet compatibility, and the G-Security Service. The G-Security service includes cellphone notification of vehicle lock and position status. A G-Sound music distribution service offers samples and downloads to the vehicle’s hard disc drive of MP3s from different genres. A US equivalent of the G-Link system with similar but not identical functionality, called Lexus Enform with Safety Connect, was launched in 2009. [11]

In 2006, Lexus-branded cellphone was also produced with compatibility for the G-Link system. [12] This cellphone service would be produced in conjunction with the KDDI telecommunications service provider, and is called “au” , using Apple and Sony products. [12]

Related versions

Toyota is working with other Japanese car manufacturers, such as Mitsubishi, Subaru and Daihatsu to provide the service in the Japanese language. Mazda has also decided to offer the service in Japan with an introduction to the 2005 model. [13] [14] Competing services are called “Nissan Car Wings”, [15] and Internavi “Internavi Premium Club (Japanese)” [16] by Honda. [17] In the US, the Safety Connect system was produced based on the G-Book system architecture, with similar functionality, along with an expanded Lexus Enform service. [11]

The G-Book feature is similar to “W44T” [18] offered in Japan by Toshiba, and “Pipit” [19] in an agreement with Toyota and Willcom in Japan.

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