Field force automation

Field force automation ( FFA ) is the capture of field sales or service information in real time using communications technology , typically handheld PDAs , wireless devices , tablet PCs or mobile phones. The captured data is time immediately Transferred to backend systems ( ERP , CRM or accounting systems) through wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G, GPRS or satellite). This time-lapse of time is the most important thing.

From an operations perspective, the field workers and the field workers. Field force automation is seen as beneficial to businesses in regard to customer relationships, maintaining skills among the field workforce, and limiting the size of this workforce. [1]

The biggest challenge in field strength in Developing automation is a simple goal usable, user interface for the mobile hand held device or, and connectivity at the rental of information capture . Connectivity can be overcome by having a system that can capture the information captured in the device cache and later synchronize with back-end systems (“thick client”).

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  1. Jump up^ Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management, Published 17-Oct-2012

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