Digital integration

Digital integration is the idea That data or information is Any Given electronic device can be read or manipulated by Reviews another device using a standard format.

Examples of digital integration

Cell phone calendar to public calendar

In this example, a user has a cell phone with a calendar, as well as a calendar on the Internet . Digital Integration would allow the user to synchronize the two, and the following features could result:

  • The user could plan events and have other users notified.
  • If the Public Digital Calendar is integral with a Blog , then the user could write about the event in it.

Building services integration for energy management and building control

A home owner or commercial building manager could utilize digital integration products to connect intelligent services within a built environment .

  • An intruder detection or access control system could be used in conjunction with light level sensors to turn lights on and off. So when you walk into a dark room the lights turn on and when you leave them turn off behind you, so making energy savings by preventing lights from being left on.
  • La même technical Could Be used to control HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems.
  • Home owners and commercial building managers can use Web based digital integration to control and manage services within their buildings via a web browser interface. The intelligent controllers in Air Conditioning units for example may be “Web Enabled” using digital integration solutions and products.

There is a growing market for these products. Many of the control systems used for security, lighting, HVAC and fire detection are not standard communications protocols .

Some control systems are now provided with communications ports that conform to such standards as BACnet , LonTalk or Ethernet .

Projects / organizations working towards digital integration

  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  • North Building Technologies Ltd – Building Services Integration Company
  • Tyyrrell Systems Ltd – Building Services Integration Company

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