CIMACT is EUROCONTROL’s [1] Civil-Military Air Traffic Management Co-ordination Tool .


CIMACT is a EUROCONTROL software, That Is-combining and civil merging and military data sources (Mainly monitoring and flight map data) into a correlated Air Situation Display (Also Known As Recognized Air Picture (RAP) to Enhance situational awareness and civil-military coordination. The software is highly flexible, interfaces to a wide variety of data sources and runs on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.


CIMACT was developed on the basis of ADMAR 2000 (Abgesetzte Darstellung Maastricht Radar Daten) , ADMAR, ADKAR and GAME on the basis of a Special Agreement of MOD Germany ( BMVg – A / 13 / D / HG / 82, April 18, 1983) In cooperation with EUROCONTROL . It has been operational since 1983 and was used by the German Air Force exclusively. In 2002 the system was re-engineered to run on modern hardware and operating systems, clarification needed ] and eventually named CIMACT. EUROCONTROL has since then offered the software package to its member states. CIMACT ‘

  • CIMACT in approach control
  • CIMACT in the flexible use of airspace concept
  • CIMACT on an aerodrome control tower
  • EUROCONTROL HQ in Brussels

Operational use

CIMACT is a common co-ordination system to exchange information between civil and military users. CIMACT integrates a wide variety of information to provide the user with a comprehensive overview of the air situation. It contains a set of air traffic control (ATC) functionalities, filters and collaboration facilities to enable silent coordination between connected systems. CIMACT offers an automated interface with the EUROCONTROL Local and sub-Regional Airspace Support System (LARA). [2]

CIMACT is used the following operational scenarios:

  • Airspace management (FUA concept) [3] – to improve the situational awareness and the coordination of civil and military controllers during the activation and use of areas.
  • Aerodrome and approach control – Combined with a radar tracker, the system is used for different airbases for control of local air traffic.
  • Tracking, Recording and Analysis [4] – to monitor and assess air traffic to follow up reports, investigate incidents and potential violations.
  • ATM Security [5] – to coordinate efficiently between civil and military units during ATM Security incidents, for more information, see the EUROCONTROL CIMACT website. [6]

For further information, see the latest CIMACT Brochure from EUROCONTROL. [7]

Main features

CIMACT is running on a Linux distribution and is coded in C ++ and Java.

The main capabilities encompass:

  • Decoding of multiple types of surveillance (tracks / plots) and flight plan data
  • Producing one correlated air picture
  • Connectivity over various networks and protocols ( TCP / IP , UDP , X.25 , UMTS , etc.)
  • Filtering and highlighting capabilities
  • Interfacing to several tools and databases (LARA, [8] and EAD [9] )
  • Drawing package
  • Pilot working position

CIMACT supported data formats

EUROCONTROL published ASTERIX standards:

  • CAT000 Time Synchronization Messages (timestamp and / or status)
  • CAT001 Monoradar Data Target Reports (Plot and / or Track)
  • CAT002 Monoradar Service Messages (Timestamp)
  • CAT003 Distribution of Synthetic Air Traffic Data (Track)
  • CAT004 Safety Nets Messages (Time and / or Conflict)
  • CAT008 Monoradar Derived Weather Information (Weather)
  • CAT009 Multisensor Derived Weather Information (Weather)
  • CAT021 ADS-B Messages (Track) CAT030 Air Situation Picture (Track)
  • CAT031 Sensor Service Messages (Status)
  • CAT034 Monoradar Service Messages (Timestamp)
  • CAT048 Monoradar Data Target Reports (Plot and / or Track)
  • CAT062 System Track Data (Track)
  • CAT063 Sensor Status Messages (Status)
  • CAT065 SDPS Service Status Messages (Timestamp)
  • CAT150 Flight Data Messages
  • CAT152 Time Stamp Messages (Timestamp)
  • CAT252 Session and service control messages (Timestamp)

CIMACT developed ASTERIX standards (proprietary standards):

  • CAT142 Track Highlight Messages
  • CAT143 Geographical Pointer Posts
  • CAT144 Note for Inter-site Communication Messages
  • CAT145 List of Online Participants for Inter-site Communication Messages

ADEXP formatted messages:

  • ADMFPL Flight Plan Message
  • ADMFPT Flight Plan Termination Message
  • ADMFPU Flight plan Update Message

ICAO formatted messages:

  • FPL Filed Flight Plan
  • CHG Changed Flight Plan
  • CNL Canceled Flight Plan
  • CPL Current Flight Plan

Program management

The CIMACT Program is managed by EUROCONTROL’s Civil-Military ATM Coordination Division . Helpdesk and Service Support is provided by the CIMACT Team at EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Center .

CIMACT User Group CIMACT User Group. The software development and maintenance is currently contracted to 42Solutions bv [10] and Graffica Ltd. [11]

The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for the software are owned by EUROCONTROL.


CIMACT paves the way towards the European-wide application of the FUA concept with new opportunities for improving civil-military cooperation. CIMACT is a reliable cost-effective operational system Supporting the improvement of civil-military co-ordination and security, qui Enhances the safety of air navigation in line with the Single European Sky .


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