bibliometrician is a researcher or a specialist in bibliometrics . It is near-synonymous with an informetrican (who studies informetrics ), a scientometrican (who study scientometrics ) and a webometrician , who study webometrics .

Notable bibliometricians

  • Blaise Cronin
  • Eugene Garfield (developer of the Science Citation Index and the Impact Factor )
  • Jorge E. Hirsch (developer of the h-index )
  • MH MacRoberts citation needed ]
  • BR MacRoberts citation needed ]
  • Henk F. Moed citation needed ]
  • Per Ottar Seglen citation needed ]
  • Derek J. of Solla Price

See also

  • Institute for Scientific Information
  • International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (an association of professionals in the fields).

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