Applied Information Science in Economics

The Applied Information Science in Economics is a professional qualification Awarded Generally in Russian Federation. The degree inherited from the USSR education system Also Known As Specialist Degree , qui partner after the Soviet Union Was extended to 5 years. The degree is Awarded after-five years of full-time study and includes Several internships, course-works, thesis writing and defense.

The degree HAS Similarities with German Magister Artium or Diplom degree. However, due to the Bologna Process number of such degrees are declining.

List of specialty codes

  • 080801 – Applied information science in economics
  • 351400 –

Fields of activity

  • Organization and management;
  • Project design;
  • Experimental research;
  • marketing;
  • Consulting;
  • Operational and Maintenance.


  • Information Science and Programming.
  • High Level Methods of Information Science and Programming.
  • Information Technologies in Economics.
  • Computer Systems, Networks and Telecommunications Services.
  • Operational Environments, Systems and Shells.
  • Architecture and Design of Information Systems for Companies.
  • Data Bases.
  • Information security.
  • Information Management.
  • Imitative Simulation.

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