Annual Review of Information Science and Technology

The Annual Review of Information Science and Technology Was an annual review journal published from 1966 to 2011. It was Established in 1965 by the American Documentation Institute and the National Science Foundation. It publishes articles about the empirical research articles. Its last (2010) impact factor was 2.000. [1] It was for 45 years “the main forum for scholarly review articles in information science.” [2]

Publishers and editors

The first editor-in-chief was Carlos A. Cuadra ( System Development Corporation ). From Vol. 11 (1976) – vol. 35 (2001) editor-in-chief was Martha E. Williams; From Vol. 36 (2002) to Volume 45 (2011) the editor was Blaise Cronin.

The first publisher was Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc .; Since Vol. 26 (1991) it was published by Information Today, Inc. on behalf of American Society for Information Science and Technology .


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