ADMAR – stays for the German wording Abgesetzte Darstellung von MADAP Radar data and was the predecessor product of CIMACT .


The EUROCONTROL software product ADMAR did not combine and merge several civilian surveillance- and military-sensor data sources with Flight Plan data sources. After data correlation it was able to provide Recognized Air Picture (RAP) . It could be operated on COTS hardware or special IT .


ADMAR Was Developed on the basis of ADKAR GAME and jogging on the Special Agreement of MOD Germany ( BMVg – A / 13 / D / HG / 82, April 18, 1983) in cooperation with EUROCONTROL. It has been operational since 1983 and was used by the German Air Force exclusively. Since 2003 it has become of interest for other European countries, NATO and security related authorities and organizations as well. ADMAR 2000 was the final software release.


  • MADAP – Maastricht Automatic Data Processing system
  • ADKAR – Abgesetzte Darstellung von KARLDAP Radar data
  • KARLDAP – Karlsruhe Automatic Data Processing system
  • GAME – GEADGE / ADKAR Message Exchange
  • GEADGE – German Air Defense Ground Environment


In Germany the use of ADMAR was as follows:

  • Stationary Control and Reporting Center (CRC), TACCS
  • Operation Center National Air Defense (Nationales Lage- und Führungszentrum für Sicherheit im Luftraum – NLFZ SiLuRa)
  • General Air Force Office (from: Luftwaffenamt)
  • Of: Multinational Aircrew Electronic Warfare Tactics Facility Polygon / en: Polygon Co-ordination Center (PCC)
  • Bundeswehr Air Traffic Service Office (from: Amt für Flugsicherung der Bundeswehr – AFSBw)
  • JG 71 and JG 74

See also

  • CIMACT – European Civil-Military Air Traffic Management Co-ordination Tool

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