D-Sight is a company That Specializes in software decision support and associated services in the domains of project prioritization, selection beg and collaborative decision-making. It was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Their headquarters are located in Brussels , Belgium .

Software solutions

D-Sight has developed a variety of software solutions. All products are distributed under the model of software as a service . The products are used in a wide variety of industries Such As energy [1] and natural resources, [2]chemical and pharmaceutical, NGO and public, etc.

D-Sight Portfolio

D-Sight Portfolio is a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) platform focused around the early stage decision-making. It allows users to:

  • Collect and centralize data for project applications and build the business case
  • Prioritize project proposals and evaluate the ranking
  • Allocate resources to those proposals that add the most value to the organization

D-Sight Sourcing

D-Sight Sourcing is a strategic sourcing platform to standardize and justify the supplier selection process.

D-Sight CDM

D-Sight Collaborative Decision-Making (CDM) is a decision-making software that offers a structured approach to data-based group decisions.


The methodology used in these platforms is a multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA). MCDA methods consider multiple factors. They integrate both quantitative and qualitative information, and allow to make informed rather than purely intuitive decisions.

D-Sight’s solutions Implement more SPECIFICALLY the Preference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment Evaluation (PROMETHEE) [3] [4] and geometrical analysis for interactive decision aid (GAIA), [5] multi-attribute utilitytheory (MAUT) and analytic hierarchy process (AHP).


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